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Make a concrete decision and choose from our wide range of products.  Our products match your high quality definitions of infrastructure and construction solutions.

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Masheshwari Industries Assam have a fully reliable range of concrete products to meet all your desired requirements and provide trustworthy and quality solutions. We believe in providing optimum value for your money, hence perfection is our motto.

Make a concrete decision and Choose From

Our Wide Range Of Products

 Our products match your high quality definitions of infrastructure and construction solutions.

RCC Pipes- Maheshwari Industries Assam

RCC Pipes

Masheshwari Industries Assam manufactures leading quality of RCC pipes using the vertical vibration casting technology that leads to less water usage, less wastage of raw material and more production using the same moulds thus increasing production and cutting costs and resulting in high-quality outcomes.

Paver Blocks- Maheshwari Industries Assam

Paver Blocks

Maheshwari Industries Assam manufactures the high quality concrete paver blocks that are super easy to maintain. These blocks are the best choice to lie on pavements and drive ways as they are not slippery and are built to be strong and durable. 

Precast box culverts - Maheshwari Industries Assam

Precast Box Culverts

Our box culverts are high quality with no maintenance requirements that backfill immediately and work on a shock and water resistance technology. Produce less waste and are safe to operate with short schedule.

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Masheshwari Industries Assam is known for delivering quality services across the NE Region. Together with our clients, we believe in building stronger infrastructures and stronger connections, meeting their concrete dreams with timely delivery and value for their money.

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Most reliable manufacturer Of Concrete Products In Terms of Quality and Service.
Ajanta Kalita
Good range of quality products and assured on-time delivery.
Swaraj Infra
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